Monday, 17 May 2010

Feeling fragile

Having borrowed a dress from my sister I decided to wear my usual black tunic over silky black trousers, with a lot of crystal. I took some picture of Leyla and I, but either I left the memory card at home or I failed to put it in the camera. hey ho.
The wedding was very tolerable, good food but I drank too much so am feeling fragile. Many guests had flown in from Cyprus, the bride was so tiny I thought the cake decoration had fallen off and come to life, she wore a huge retro dress, you know the ones with a big bow and a train? Leyla danced despite her legs still aching from her school disco and everyone wore their best red carpet dresses, OK well not everyone, but I'm English so I don't count.
The dress Lucy had let me borrow was pink and turquoise blue and I just felt way too out of my comfort zone.

Robin Hood was a tad disappointing, the problem I guess is was he was a dull fellow but King John in real life was an awesome piece of egotistical megalomaniac. Nottingham too was squeezed out into tiny glorified pimp role. You came away feeling that Mr Crowe so as not to be upstaged had marginalised all the baddies, too many opportunities were missed just to give the all be it gorgeous Mr Crowe a star vehicle.
It is 3/5 good fun but lacks bite. I think if they do another they really should cut the schmaltz and let King John do his worst.

I laughed at the SATC 2 trailer, so that's all the good bits seen!

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