Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pigeons & Peacocks

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I am a magazine tart, I have from since I can remember loved magazines. I have written about this love before, but I am going to say it again.
My first love was Bunty, from there I graduated to Jackie, from there to Honey and 19, the latter was an awesome production that was my bible. I was so media hungry I would happily read my mothers Good Housekeeping and Options magazines as well as my grans third hand copies of Woman and Woman's Own. Seriously I LOVED magazines.

(Aside from this I have been waiting to be old enough to read Good Housekeeping but like radio 4 that day has never arrived!)

Some of these publications I have subscribed to and so have a huge set of , some lasted less than a few issues, Bare, Frank, Fable etc
Some I have just a few copies of grabbed from airport newsagents far and wide. That my love of magazines has died a little I have documented previously, but every now and again something comes along to blow my socks off.
Twin was a superb example of this, a magazine that had the power to still be relevant, although surreally it is a hardback and I had to track it down via Amazon. The latest discovery was a real fluke. I had been searching for courses for Kitty, she needs something to do after next year and we are floundering a little. I had a look at the London College of Fashion web site and whilst looking came across a link to their in-house magazine, it is free! can you believe it? It is far better than most publications you pay for, but like Bloom and Twin it has no advertising. How it affords to do this I do not know but it is excellent.
The title appears to refer to the idea that as fashionistas we fall into two camps, I am most definitely a pigeon having moved from the peacock camp a few years ago. (I think peacock is fairly self explanatory) But Pigeon? I quote.
"Under the specter of sartorial Darwinism, the staid pigeon is proving herself fit to survive the current economic climate. Cool in her moody pallet and structural silhouettes, the austerity of the pigeon has emerged as the uniform de rigour of the fashion cognoscenti."
"Model Erin Wasson held a Californian garage sale to purge herself of excess. She told the Guardian "I really like the idea of being utilitarian. My dream is to edit down my wardrobe and be very Japanese"
The modern king of deconstruction is the elusive Martin Margiela...his clothes remained anonymous to the un-initiated eye."
I love the few pieces of Margiela I have seen they are stunning. I am more than happy to be a pigeon now, but I think I would not have got here without my extensive experimental peacock phase!
So if you have not already read a copy of Pigeons and Peacocks log on now


La Belette Rouge said...

I am not much for magazines. My list is MUCH shorter. When I read magazines, and it isn't often, I read:
Vanity Faire
The New Yorker

That's it. i feel pretty lame and not well read. How do you manage it all? Do you ever sleep?

indigo16 said...

Belette this collection has accumulated over 20+ years. Now I only manage to read the paper once a day!