Monday, 10 May 2010

Wadrobe watch 3

A little late It was a Bank Holiday weekend and so
Monday 7/10
you get to see my lovely new rain coat that I obtained by a serendipitous Internet search. Not hugely flattering now I see it, but I love the colour and shape so who cares.
Tuesday 7/10
This is a fairly standard outfit for work, The skirt is lovely and one of those pieces that never dates. I never go in Laura Ashley but caught a glimpse of this through the window. Their clothes are over priced but this was in the sale. If you have watched this blog for some time I did post a picture of it a couple of years ago as one of the classic pieces fit even for Paris, which is one of the places it has been. (This is the outfit that needed a brighter piece of jewellery to lift it a bit.)
Wednesday 7/10
Again some older pieces getting an outing. The jumper is in fact a hoodie, it is one of the few pieces that has aged well from Jigsaw in the days when they did XL. What's funny is that Kitty wears this too, only on her it is a VERY loose and slouchy. The skirt I LOVE but the fabric is cheap. It has a wonderful stiff shape and was a bargain from Asda. If I ever managed to travel east I would take this and get a wizard tailor to replicate it in a dozen different coloured glorious silk organza's.
Thursday 8/10
Black is difficult to photograph, this is a new top from a little boutique in Southwold, it has lovely silk organza rosettes around the neck and I wore it with my favourite Cath Kidston necklace a plus a double breasted skirt from H&M and red tights to support Labour in the election.
Friday 8/10
Felt so ill but made an effort, this cardie/top is from COS I had previously worn it over a longer tunic but the photographs made me realise it did not work and in fact looked better layered over a shorter top. Worn with narrow trousers I really like it. (This too needed some Carnelian or Amber beads.)
So far I have not replicated an outfit, and as a test I am aiming not to do so for the next 3 weeks!


materfamilias said...

Again, I see so much here that's compatible with my own style -- at least partly because our work allows us a more creative approach than would a corporate/office environment.
I love that raincoat -- but I'm a sucker for that kind of structural play, especially at the hem -- fun!

La Belette Rouge said...

You really have a fantastic and creative style. I love how you rocked the red socks in a satrorial symbol of support.

Borntoknit said...

You have a great sense of style and I´ve learned a lot from your outfit photos.
I also used to favour having a tunic/top and cardi the same lenght, but I now realize it looks better with two different lenghts.

I´ll be back for more! ;-)

indigo16 said...

It was funny but once I saw the group all together I thought this was quite a dull week, but I thank you all for your plaudits and am currently racking it up for next week.

Mardel said...

You've lured me out of lurkdom with your wardrobe photos. I am finding your combinations really inspiring and helpful in coming to terms with the disparate pieces of my own wardrobe. You have great style. And I love that raincoat with its fabulous shape!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I love the rain coat, it looks fab!

Digital camcorders said...

I have seen so much great styles in your blog. Everything is fabulous.