Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Parisian Lifestyle Envy

For many years I had a kind of pipe dream that maybe once child free I would rent an apartment in Paris and live the dream, even if it was for just a few months I really thought it might be possible. Commitments and relationships are very difficult especially when you are an introverted loner with a wanderlust. But I am working on my commitment and that appears to be buying into a package that does not include living in Paris. Berlin, yes, Cyprus most definitely Paris or even Venice no.
Am I unhappy about this, not really, I think maybe whilst saying it will never happen I may contemplate short periods of time when I could make it happen and nowhere would I more like to live than here.
This apartment is just wonderful and comes from the June issue of Elle Decoration, great magazine but a website so crap I wont even bother to link.
I love the old school wooden unit in this kitchen
the mix of glass and African sculpture is not dissimilar to my studio/office

I think that print is by Eduardo Chillida, I am a huge fan of his work, he is high on my list of 'would buy if I won the lottery' list. For someone who spends hours mixing colours to paint I am generally drawn to a monochrome palette.

All I would change is the addition of a big fat sofa to sit on, isn't it a lovely appartment though?


materfamilias said...

Excepting that it lacks a comfy place to coccoon -- the big fat sofa you would add -- I love it! And perhaps in Paris, we wouldn't want to be inside curled up anyway.
I used to think that we might do some months in Paris or elsewhere in France, even half a year or so, at some point post-retirement. Now, with my granddaughter, I'm less sure that I'd want to be away, but the dream's not quite gone yet . . .

Mardel said...

Love the dream of a place in Paris and that particular apartment would be perfect, especially with a big sofa as you describe. It is not in my future either at the moment, but I love the dream. This particular introverted loner needs to dream of sanctuaries on occasion.

La Belette Rouge said...

It does need a comfy sofa to make it livable. That said, Parisians consider cafe's to be their living rooms.
And as remote as my Parisian dreams are of ever coming true, I just can't give up that sweet Parisian dream..