Thursday, 13 May 2010

Thursday already

So Thursday already, Of all the days of the week for some reason it is my least favourite, I can't even blame the timetable as I am fairly teaching lite.
This morning was different though, after 4 years of Au pairs we all woke up without one. Au pair number 5 was our least favourite, she was oblivious to our irritation but in the end under the premise of sending her home early to be with her father who had just had heart surgery we re booked her flight home yesterday.
This coincides with Daisy's study leave which combined with Emin working from home should allow us to cope with The Leyla Monster.*
Both Daisy and Kitty had argued over who would take over the vacated room, trust me it is a small box room compared to their current palace, the only reason Kitty gave in to Daisy was it had no TV aerial point, (she does love her television in the morning). I told Daisy I would get the room ready for her at the weekend, but Kitty had other ideas and bounced Daisy out last night before the mattress had chance to air. It must be a girl thing because she had already 'accessorised' the room when I went in to wake her this morning!
So Daisy will be, I hope holed up in her garret for the next 6 weeks revising like stink in an effort to get into university. I have done my bit, it is time for her to do hers.
That she leaves school tomorrow is so unbelievable, when I can almost reach out and touch the memory of her first day. That she even went to that school was a fortuitous, having failed to get in anywhere else I picked up the phone to the grammar school next door to where I teach, they were testing the final batch at the end of the week, she passed with flying colours despite a bout of flu. But she then spent the next 7 years having to get up early and travel 10 miles each way to get there. She knew no one but has made many, many friends over the years and even though she did not shine academically she has blossomed into a wonderful adult, all be it a pocket sized one (she's tiny!) To celebrate their last day they are all wearing their original school uniform!

* Talking of the Leyla Monster, she came home last week clutching a piece of paper that announced they were having a school disco, she asked if she could go, I was happy but I really did not think Emin would be so accommodating, she asked and amazingly he said yes! Shock horror, of course there was a list of provisos longer than the Magna Carter and Leyla has spent the last two week sucking up her anger and instead giving us "yes sir", "no sir" "three bags full sir"...God help Emin Saturday morning because that child is going to unleash Hell, I am hoping to soften the blow by promising her a visit to what looks to be the best blockbuster for years... you know what I'm talking about.

Then we have a wedding, my sister has lent me a very 'summery' dress, I am not sure if I like it and I am not sure if it will be warm enough since I am currently wearing two vests under a top and cardie. It is still freezing here and I blame Lisa Armstrong who a couple of weeks ago declared we should ditch the tights now the sun is out. Ha, no way, the sun may be out but it is 0 degree's and my tights are staying put.
To make it worse, tomorrow my sister will fling back the curtains of her 5* hotel suite overlooking the bay of Monaco. Yes, she is going to see the Monaco Grand Prix courtesy of her work. I could weep... but hey at least I get the holidays...


La Belette Rouge said...

Why doesn't your sister keep the dress and you take the trip to Monaco?;-)

materfamilias said...

It's one of life's eternal mysteries, the true relativity of time (Einstein was late to find what mothers have known forever) -- some days, in the middle of it all, parenting seems a frozen pause button of nose-wiping, meal-making, laundry-washing, nagging, etc., -- and then one day you've catapulted into some future time when that all seems so remote. Looking at the family photo I posted the other day, for example, part of me can't believe I ever exited that loop, it still feels so present as a reality . . .

indigo16 said...

Belette, too late, she is there already sob.
Mater I know exactly what you mean some moments stay so close so fresh I can't believe I am watching her leave school, I think when Leyla does will be the strangest feeling as it will all be over....or the begining!