Sunday, 30 May 2010

Go and make a cup of tea, get comfortable because Sartorial Chelsea Flower Show is here.

This from Hilary Rose from here
What a judgmental cow..Talk about miss the point. I do understand the sentiment, hence I struggle to wear stripes at the seaside for fear of looking like some pastiche but Chelsea is all about FUN and I hope Ms Rose you did not attend for either because the irony of your name is as about as relevant as your sartorial judgement. Rant over.
The whether was very chilly so more coats than normal myself included. I saw less flowers I hope not because of what Ms Rose wrote. Still I found plenty to inspire
I will not debate the logistics of the day just yet, instead look at the amazing style on show. All this was taken in 3 hours..think what I could do with a whole day! I will do so next year.
Some lovely cream macs on show

The coats were amazing, both plain and floral.

I LOVE the outfit far left, I really really want that cardie, yes I know Jigsaw do one maybe I will have to bite the bullet and buy it.
Vintage Fabric

Muted textures


Clotted Cream
Tomorrow some closer fragments, I used my Pentax which was slower to focus and a bit intrusive but I did get some lovely images come back tomorrow.

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CK said...

Oh Yay! After your beautiful pictures last year I was hoping you would come through with more this year. I love seeing this, wish I could be there.