Saturday, 22 May 2010

Resort Love

In my effort to track down the name of the previously listed spotty shirt I was convinced it was Chanel Resort, I was wrong but ended up finding these images from from last years Resort collections Chanel
I just love this dress, especially those amazing billowy sleeves.
Sonia Rykiel
I am still toying with getting some of these trousers if only I could find a less 'full' style.

Victor & Rolf
Again it is the trouser love especially the ruched up bottom part.

I love the shapes and proportions of this outfit especially the slight kick at the bottom of the trousers

Lutz & Patmos
Well you have seen what I wear and so why I love all of this is a no brainer really. Again those trousers I now really want, and with the slouchy tops these images will be stuck in my brain until visually and sartorially realised.
I always forget about the Resort collections, which I shouldn't as they are probably the most accessible in terms of translating an idea into practise than some of the others seasonal collections, plus I like the pared down capsules.


Patricia G said...

What about the Toast churidar? Bought mine at the back end of last year so haven't worn them yet. Very thin fabric so cover up your backside. Off to dig mine out.

indigo16 said...

I tried them on and they are a tad tight round my sporty calves, am currently trawling ASOS