Friday, 14 May 2010

Wardrobe Watch 4

The weather was really really cold this week, mornings were barely above zero so much layering was required. The best purchase of this month was a pair of charcoal grey opaque tights. They are slightly less wintry than black, but go with everything, as does an old navy Tabio pair I have from a couple of years ago, for some reason they don't do a nice grey in the opaque style so charcoal grey tights are something I am always looking for but not at Falke prices.

Monday 7/10
oops wore the same skirt I wore last week, a double breasted on from H&M, this time with a cowl neck top from M&S which is a size too big simply because I bought it on line and couldn't be bothered to swap it. belted it's fine.
Tuesday 8/10
I realise that this actually does not look very flattering, it has not photographed well at all, but I love the combination hence the high mark, both the jumper and skirt are from COS but different seasons. The skirt was from the very first collection and I was lucky enough to get it in the sale, which means I buy 2 rather than actually save any money!
Wednesday 7/10
My sister once told me I did not really suit a long skirt, I think my leg body ratio was wrong, however that does not stop me buying them and this one is quite an old specimen from Jigsaw but bought from EBay. I love the structure of it and I found it worked best with a longer more fitted jumper, this one from Massimo Dutti layered over an old stripy t-shirt.
I of course did not wear my mac with this, nothing would have looked worse proportion wise. had I done so I would have probably found my self flying across London's roof tops Mary Poppins style.
No instead I wore it with my black leather biker jacket since while cold it was not raining.
Thursday 8/10
Very similar in the photograph to Monday but the skirt is quite different although from H&M again. I was with my sister waiting for Daisy to try on some clothes. We chatted for a while before I spied this skirt hanging on the end of the sale rack, I picked it up and not only was it my size but it was only £10! She laughed, she too was going to pick it up but decided it was too short (she is 6ft) it is shot through with metal which give it a lovely stiff silhouette. Teamed with a loose black top from COS and another cardie this time from Kew.
Friday 8/10
Finally the sun is out and it is warmer, I am hiding 2 vests (1 thermal) under this top again from COS but worn with some old black trousers from GAP via EBay

4 weeks down 2 to go.


La Belette Rouge said...

When I was shopping yesterday I saw two skirts that made me immediately made me think of you. It is kind of cool that your style is distinct that I now feel like I could pick out some pieces that you might like.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I love all the Cos pieces and the injection of colour on Friday!

indigo16 said...

Belette I am not sure if you asked for my size they wouldn't laugh you out of the shop!!