Thursday, 20 May 2010

Silver linings and Polka Dots

Long John Silver
OK, first up and no snickering, but a few weeks ago I was watching a Jamie Oliver cookery programme, he goes to Venice and visits a woman's prison where they grow all their own vegetables. One of the prisoners looked so cool, she was wearing a pair of these cropped peg trousers in black with a khaki top I though it looked so amazing that whilst waiting for Kitty to try on something in Uniqlo I spied these Just as I toyed with trying them on Kitty breezes out and says, "No Mum they will just make you look like a pirate" So with a heavy sigh I held that image of Long John Silver in my head and put them back.
Then on Wednesday Emin decreed my blue dress made me look like Mutton, maintaining dignity in my house is a loosing battle I tell you.

Polka Dots

Buying Grazia each week, which I thought I might do since I am so tired of the post election drivel currently being served up by the Guardian, is going to bankrupt me, since each week I spy a 'look' and ache to replicate it. This weeks squeeze was the image on the left, quite frankly the most stunning polka dot shirt EVER. Unlike the stripy t-shirts from last week this was a gauntlet that threw up a considerably harder challenge to rise to.
Google Breton t-shirts and you will trip over an embarrassment of riches, few of which are 'the one' but you get a sporting chance.
Google polka dot shirt and tumble weed blows across the screen. What makes the search even harder is whilst I love stripy jersey, spotty jersey I hate, the way spots distort is so not flattering and so the ONLY fabric that looks good in spots is silk, preferably a heavy crepe. My best shot came with the shirt on the right found at La Redoute Sadly even from the photograph we can ascertain it is not silk and the dots are very fine, still I quite like it and it is on a maybe list at present.

Silver Lining

I am snowed under marking and moderating at present, whilst also conducting a sixth form exam, but will leave you with this delightful bon mot.
Leyla is currently trying to improve her English and does some extra work each night, last night one section of her text book asked her to fill in the blank part missing from some well known proverbs.
One of which was .........................has a silver lining.

She wrote .......My lovely dress..........has a silver lining.

Sometimes my heart aches with love.

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materfamilias said...

1. Glad all the harsh critics have grown up and moved along at my place.
2. I love that polka dot top and will cross my fingers you find something similar.
3. Awwwwww! So sweet!