Saturday, 3 November 2007

Caat Paat Fiyy

Pronounced chat pat fee translates to Flash Bang Wheee which is what we will see tonight on the wonderful Blackheath. Daisy is now quite the grown up. she will go and watch the display with her friend who just happens to have an older brother who just happens to have some friends who are also going. Oh the slippery slope. Daisy's behaviour was very strange when I returned from Oxford, I of course instantly assumed she had lost her virginity (why when she has no boyfriend and as far as I know not kissed yet I don't know but...) Anyhow it was because the DT project had gone wrong, so wrong that as she sat trying to file the pieces to fit Emin felt so sorry for her he made her a cup of tea AND gave her one of his danish pastries. Acts of generosity like this are as rare as hens teeth so she must have been bad. I was so relieved I told her it did not matter, cuddles all round until last nights diatribe about my shortcomings and her fathers whom apparently I was stupid to have got pregnant by since she was so useless, I'm not sure that concept had been quite followed through to its conclusion. I read recently that fireworks are an endangered species due to their carbon footprint. Well I turn off all my standbys I do not use a hair drier, I do not iron my clothes I travel by train so if this happens I will be MIGHTY pissed off I love November 5th, best celebration we English do, nothing like celebrating Parliaments triumph over the Pope. If you want to see the absolute best ever ever firework display Stockholm is the place, just stand quayside at midnight on New Years Eve and you will see a sight of awesome spectacular beauty.
(thank you to dukecityfix for the photo)

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