Thursday, 8 November 2007

Primark V George

The papers recently made a great deal about how Primark has won the battle of cheap & cheerful clothing over George which is a bit like comparing Top Shop to Evans. Primark locate their stores bang in the middle shopping centres. George is buried inside a supermarket invariably on ring road round the back of beyond. Primark is therefore easily accessed by the young and slim because Primark do tend to skimp. A size 14/16 at best fits a small 14 and after a cold wash size 12 after a warm wash size 10 Daisy is a size 10 and she has a coat sized 16!
George tends to swing the other way generous to a fault. Last year a fluke visit to Primark resulted in cashmere hoody a beautiful charcoal grey which I have lived in. This year’s cashmere was not so appealing, skimpily cut & strange colours. But who should deliver the goods this year? the lovely George. I went in for a cheap duvet for the dog’s bed and came out with a lovely black cashmere jumper for £20 cut really well,then in a bigger branch I find a long heavy cashmere brown marl belted cardigan it looks lovely for £38 so despite the economic trend I shall keep a beady eye on George for the foreseeable future.

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