Monday, 19 November 2007

No 10

I am not a big fan of Gordon Brown although he can not ever be as shamefully embarrassing as Tony Blair. But this idea of getting the wonderful children's illustrator Shirley Hughes to design a personalised Christmas card from No 10, and give lots of money to charity is brilliant. I have made my own cards for the last 16 years or more and now is the time I start to mull over an idea, since the big Emin arrived I have switched the emphasis to "Peace and Love for the New Year." so I had better get a move on as it is only 4 & a bit weeks to lift off. My most memorable card was the card that never was I spent two whole days carving a lino of some beautiful calligraphy only to realise that I had forgotten to reverse the text. The shame. I generally stick to collage now its safer. Yesterday 10 of us gathered for lunch at the Blueprint Cafe what a wonderful place to sit and eat (see previous post "whats not to love" for a photo of the view) and more to the point what a gathering 3/5 from my mothers clan including Peter who lives in Australia but works in Moscow and not seen for 7 years. Moscow is now Emin's No 1 destination were it not for the expense. I would rather Norway or Iceland so the battle is on..

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