Saturday, 17 November 2007

Turkish wedding

Photos of various cousins and my beautiful Leyla. Oh and bloody Emin he's the bald git at the top!

Out of the blue I decided to go to a Turkish wedding last Sunday (why are they always on a Sunday?) great fun, despite being held in Wood Green, which as a south London girl seems a world away, as did the wedding. I often joke that there is only 3 degrees of separation between most of Northern Cyprus and so it was here as 3rd cousins married. Emin decided to avoid the banjo chromosome by breeding outside the gene pool. I was unique at this celebration but after 10 years they are slowly getting used to me. Well kind of, I was not on the guest list, but hey who was counting after 300. I was also 3 inches taller than most which served me right for wearing heels.

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