Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Christmas is cancelled

I was flicking through some blogs recently when I found one extolling the virtues of Christmas issues of various magazines. 20 years ago I too would have devoured the same magazines, I grew up loving Christmas. It always had a positive vibe no matter the personal disharmony between my parents they always put on a good show at Christmas including the works Christmas party for kids in the bowels of the science museum and trips to my grans which was the absolute best place to be. Then after I left home I took it to a whole new level themed decorations, designing and making outfits for parties and THE day itself. Then with Kitty and Daisy It was just as much fun planning there happiness. Then came Emin and the fun stopped, Emin doesn’t just not celebrate Christmas he hates it he hates any cycle of obligation and so shuns many of his own religious festivals too, as well as his birthday. I tried to take the girls to hotels for Christmas, country pub restaurants, but it never quite felt the same so now I have given up celebrating it all together. They go to their dads and then my mothers for the entire break, I go travelling. They love that they are spoilt and have a huge extended family to play with. It also just happens to be Emins birthday on28th and he does celebrate the new Year so I get a 5* holiday and everyone is happy. What is Ironic however is that our new house is made to celebrate Christmas, Edwardian, with all original features intact and the living room is painted a deep blood red it would be perfect and so occasionally I do find my self dreaming of that elusive traditional Christmas but its not to be.

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