Friday, 16 November 2007


After having a lighthearted dig at Russell Brand I have been accused of homophobia and having a naive attitude to drugs. Obviously my inability to string a literate sentence together coupled with my vain attempts at humour have upset a fellow blogette. I should of course try to improve my literacy by purchasing the indispensable guide to the use of good English Guardianstyle but even my foundations are riddled with inaccuracies so I would have nothing to build on. Whilst my family passed a dog eared copy of Eats Shoots & Leaves around I failed to get past the first page, it all looked fine to me. So maybe I should stick to the visuals. I have had a blissful two days painting with oils as Louise Bourgeois so beautifully said "Art is the guaranty of sanity"


materfamilias said...

I'm an "English professor" -- that is, I have a doctorate in Canadian Literature and I teach at a university college. I (try to!)teach students how to write effectively, grammatically. That said, I find your writing always interesting and effective. I don't stop to analyze errors 'cause I'm caught up by content and entertained by style. Some punctuation might be helpful, and I suspect you could learn it if you were really motivated, but an attentive reader can easily catch the sense of what you're saying on a first quick read-through. So take the criticism like a duck! (Water off the back, right?)

materfamilias said...

Whoops! Should have read the original comment at the post first -- I see that you weren't criticized, except by yourself, for any writing problems. Still, since you seem rather sensitive to those supposed failings, I'll leave my earlier comment stand.

indigo16 said...

Thank you, this did lift the spirits. I am product of 70s comprhensive education that rewarded creativity over accurate grammar. My family dispair, my mother also says she gets greater comprehension from the second read!