Monday, 5 November 2007

day to night

Day to night dressing is a favourite quandary for magazines to solve, how do you bridge the sobriety of work with the glam of a night out? Well today is such a day for me, work until 1 o' clock then a sprint to the station where in theory I will hook up with Daisy and Kitty on the train a few stops further up, then on to London bridge to meet mother, and its off to the Design Museum to see Matthew Williamson. After which it is dim sum at the wonderful Yauatcha with the other two sisters. Unlike many restaurants that start with a bang then fizzle out this one for me still stays wonderful, Then on to the Coach and Horses for a pint although the addition of the girls may scupper that one. So today I have opted for black slightly cropped satin trousers with a black cashmere jumper Black leather jacket and coral earrings finished with my favourite grey cashmere scarf. Black on black maybe bang on trend but its tricky to pull together black wool does not look good with black cotton only a few fabrics look right and then there is the quandary of which black has been used I know from college that there are a hundred permutations of black and few of them match each other so after you've bridged those two hurdles black on black is quite an achievement. According to Sarah Mower a leather jacket is a no no after 40, well I have to confess, press that mutton monitor because that's what I am wearing. I don't agree with Mower if the jacket is cut well and not overly trendy or stuck in the 70s life on mars style then I'm good to go.

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