Friday, 30 November 2007


I keep a scrap book of the jewellery pictures I like as a source of inspiration for making necklaces. Many of my pictures appeared to be sourced from a shop called Pebble This seemed strange because they had no web site (or so I thought) no franchises and appeared not to ever advertise and yet time and time again I would see something lovely only to be directed to the mysterious Pebbles. The shop did not have a London number so I gave up. Then to my surprise I found it, where? in St Ives a tiny fishing town in Cornwall, all be it a busy town with lots of jewellery shops, but even so how weird is that? Its a small shop with an eclectic selection of designer jewellery a lot of it is expensive but it is unique and and often beautiful. So how is it that most editorial recommendations appear to be directly related to corporate advertising yet this tiny little shop in the back of beyond gets so much space? I flicked through January's Vogue and saw this bracelet for £85! from you guessed it? (found it!) my one above was a bargain at£12 and is the real deal, as is the choker, my supplier of African goods is Starbeck love all things African their indigo batik textiles, wooden sculpture and especially this beaded jewellery, so looks like I will be 'on trend' this summer.

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