Monday, 26 November 2007

Open your eyes

Mum “Kitty what are you doing in PE tomorrow?”
Kitty “I am not sure I think it might be football”
Mum “Oh that’s nice what position do you play?
Kitty “ I am the goal keeper”
Mum “ Oh are you not a bit small too play in goal?” (She is tiny for her age)
Kitty shrugs “No its OK, I like it, the trick is to keep your eyes open. When they shot the first time I kept them shut and the ball hit my legs so hard it hurt, now I keep my eyes open and watch the ball so I can catch it”
Mum “Good for you”
So you see a 12 year old has managed to learn what all England goalkeepers have not. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. Obviously they kept them shut which explains why they let all those goals in, and why we will not turn into a bunch of raving xenophobic morons during Euro 2008, mores the pity

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