Friday, 9 November 2007

Pound of flesh

Mum “Leyla can I please borrow the pound the tooth fairy gave you?”
Leyla “How much will I get back?”
Mum “A pound coin of course”
Leyla “Mmmm ok”
Later that day
Leyla “Where is my pound coin?”
Mum “The book club had a great book I bought it for you as a surprise it was £4”
Leyla “so“
Mum “Trust me you will love it”
Leyla “Mmmm”
Next day
Leyla “Where is my book?”
Mum “It takes a few days”
Leyla “Mmm”
Next day
Leyla “Mum If you don’t bring me my book today I want two pounds or else”
Mum “Yes dear”
Like father like daughter, they both like their pound of flesh and some. The poor poor builders have endured the shadow of Emin looming like the sword of Damocles for the best part of 5 weeks poor buggers.
I must get a lead for my camera these "picture dry" posts are killing me.

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