Friday, 9 November 2007

Deliver me from grey

One of my most irritating habits (poor grammar excepted) is my addiction to grey knitwear. I now know that this is partly because it goes so well with dark olive skin, so visually it does work. Still I have lost count how many times I gravitate to the grey then the black then the blue. Big no no’s are the pastels, yellow and worst of all orange. So bad is this addiction I recently bought a charcoal grey cardigan from Jigsaw identical to a TKMaxx one I had bought two weeks earlier. In contrast my mother always gravitates towards the brown & taupe, so when she saw me taking back the grey (didn’t fit) she tried it on loved it and bought it from me. Inspired by this move from the comfort zone I bought a brown cardie. Which brings me to my second most irritating habit. Matchy matchy. Why do I preach contrast then in a 5 Minuet blind panic in the dark of the morning dress to match. I hate it. I am now wearing brown with brown ( and in the cold light of day it doesn’t even bloody match) I thought I looked like Katherine Hepburn instead Its more Fanny Craddock I'm even wearing pearls! Back to the drawing board and NO you did not see me swapping a grey jumper for a grey cardie in Asda today, I do wish they did a swish bag, but that’s the snob in me.

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