Monday, 26 November 2007

Its true!

I had heard the rumour and now its official and I cant wait. This will turn the top end of Regent street into paradise. Of course I may have a bit of a "Mango experience"
(I was on holiday in Dubai and there was a branch of Mango on the corner of our street so we went in I picked up a sweater to show my sister who nodded with approval, "that would be nice in a large" she said, I said "this is a large!" we laughed and slunk out of the shop. Ever since shops that only cut for teeny tiny fashionistas get the raised eyebrow and are referred to as being a "Mango")
So I will not hold my breath, but all the same I am quite excited.

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materfamilias said...

Banana Republic's one of my must-check stores. Lots of stuff I don't want, but always quite a bit I do -- and they turn things over quite a bit, with really decent sale sections. Have fun!