Friday, 30 November 2007

A message

Events in Sudan are so sad and reflect a little of what happened to Emin last weekend. Au Pairs past and present offered to take Leyla to the Mosque, Emin is a Muslim to the core but does not attend and it would difficult for him to take Leyla because of the way everyone is segregated. He had barely crossed the threshold when he was approached and berated for his ignorance of Mosque etiquette and lack of worship experience, all in front of Leyla. Later the man apologised, but this over zealous attitude and lack of tolerance is what we are seeing in the Sudan and it is what is alienating so many liberal people from all faiths. I am not suggesting for one minute that my faith is superior, there is far too much evidence of Christian intolerance littered through history, but I like to think we may have learnt something from our mistakes. As Rev Ian Paisley once said "a nation that forgets its past is committing national suicide"

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