Monday, 5 November 2007

The thoughtful dresser

A wonderful new blog via Cuffington, thank you Cate, Everything my muddled mess of a blog is not, articulate and grammatically correct. I too liked the " what do these three men have in common" piece, spot on in terms of the hypocrisy anyone over size 12 has to deal with.
" a good handbag makes an outfit" is a mantra my mother has lived by too. Sadly every bag she buys never seems to full fill the criteria 100% her latest tips its contents out across the floor every time she fails to grab both handles, other bags weigh so much she can barely carry them. I however have one daytime bag, one night time bag, the stress of transferring purse, phone, oyster card, lip stuff, note book, keys etc etc is too much. I also like a very light bag my current Mandarin duck can not weigh more than a couple of ounces, never shows the dirt and drip dries in seconds, perfect.

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