Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Arturo Di Stefano

And then I went to Purdy Hicks which is just round the back of The Tate Modern. A wonderful space in an old Victorian warehouse, the current exhibition was Arturo Di Stefano which was good especially some of his courtyards and interiors. I also got the catalogues of some of the artists I had seen on their website, the staff are really helpful, I think Mr Gagosian should send his staff here to see how to treat the public.


materfamilias said...

Alison, I can't tell if these are your photos of the gallery space looking out to the Thames or if these are Di Stefano's paintings -- you don't mention a marine theme in his work and these look photo-like, so I'm guessing they're your photos. Whatever, I absolutely love these! Love them! Crisp geometrical lines and rich primary colours.

materfamilias said...

Whoops! I'm embarrassed. I've gone back and enlarged and they seem clearly to be paintings. Still love them though.

indigo16 said...

They are paintings, he has a very strange/broad/eclectic range of themes, these plus interiors plus people.