Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Wolfgang Tillmans

At the Andrea Rosen Gallery. I have listed my favourite photographers elsewhere and I would link to that post but I can't find it anywhere. But my inspiration is Wolfgang Tillmans he is one of the most original photographers I have seen and I strive to be as good daily. I am not the kind of person who generally responds to a theme. I am an opportunist, I follow the light. The best light is Scandanavian, especially in winter, but an English winters north light is good too. The mimosa photos were taken in a north facing bedroom, the blue is the colour of the wall, it is a beautiful rich blue with a chalky finish and the camera was very forgiving with the low light. I never Photoshop any image, I may occasionally crop but generally if it needs adjusting I would rather retake the photo or learn from the mistakes than spend hours trying to improve it digitally. What I miss is Black and White so if I can read the manual I will probably find a button for that on the camera, lets hope.

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