Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Peter Clark

Wonderful collages from Peter Clark from the excellent Rebbeca Hossack Gallery
The images reminded me of something John Galliano said in answer to What are your favourite London home comforts?
"Gossip mags, Rich Tea , Mr Kipling cakes and strong tea. I miss its humour, and the belief that all problems can be solved with a cup of tea."
Well said, Mr Galliano. It reminds me of when I stayed with some family in Canada and on arrival they asked what I wanted to drink, I asked for a cup of tea, they looked bemused then scrambled around in the back of their cupboard before triumphantly pulling out a kettle. They found the English obssesion with tea, as bizarre as I found the Canadian love of Tim Hortons! how does a coffee shop get so popular when it can't make you a Latte?


materfamilias said...

Sigh, yes, Canada and Tim Horton's. Have to admit it's not at all my cup of tea! I'm Canadian (although from the Starbucks-dominated side rather than the Timmy's), and a big tea drinker -- probably because my dad was from Yorkshire. First thing every morning, a big cup of strong, smoky, black tea, which I take with milk. And then tea in the late afternoon, also very, very good. And evening. Come for a visit -- I'll make you a cuppa!

indigo16 said...

Wow, you have Yorkshire blood, Im impressed. I love it there, I lived just outside of Leeds for 10 years and my mother is going back to York next year. Happy Days.
I have my tea so milky my sister despairs!

Libertygirl said...

I blogged only t'other day about INdian food & gossip mags being in my omfort zone. But I'd adore that Union flag collage for my wall here in thr East Village. I've only just got around to passing on the Make My Day meme today, but it really did mean a lot to me. Thank you sweetpea LLGxx

materfamilias said...

yes, still have family in the North, around Middlesborough/Teeside -- I'm due for a visit one of these years.