Thursday, 28 February 2008


At 6.30am this morning I could be found outside in the garden in my dressing gown digging up daffodils. Why? Last year Leyla asked for £1 to buy some daffodil bulbs from school which she was to plant at home then take back to school for some kind of competition, needless to say they were popped under the sink in a polythene bag and promptly forgotten, until weeks later I found them slimy and rotten. I threw them away and pretended I had planted them in the garden. Well last night we found a letter in her school bag asking for the students to bring in their pot of daffodils! So this morning spade in hand off I went, needless to say all the clumps of daffodils have come up blind except one set, deep in the furthest recess of the garden by the pond, where they were unceremoniously wrenched from their idyll and shoved in a pot to be taken to school, and then poked and prodded by hundreds of grubby school childrens hands. No wonder the other flowers didn't raise their heads, too much sense.
One glimmer of good news though after the freezing of my pond killed one of the frogs we now already have frogs spawn, yeah.


materfamilias said...

Awww! What a good mom you are! And hooray that you'll have frogs again. We have fish in our pond and apparently they're incompatible with frogs ('cause the fish will eat the tadpoles), but every once in a while I'll hear a tree frog and have even spotted one once altho' it doesn't seem to want to settle in.

indigo16 said...

I love fish but love my frogs more I itch to pick them up! but I don't think they would thank me for it.