Monday, 4 February 2008

Bloggers who make my day

Well I came home to a lovely surprise from Materfamiliasknits. Thank you for the tag. My eldest daughter caught me writing on this blog a couple of months ago, she laughed her head off and said the title was “sad” and “what was the point since no one read it” so Ha Daisy, sucks to be you.
To continue this feel good factor I would obviously have to pass it back to Materfamiliasknits as her blog always gives so much food for thought and not a little lifestyle envy.

My other favourites are Kingdom of style, Liberty London Girl and Cuffington all three are very eclectic and consistently well written and entertaining.
My newest favourite must read is La Balette Rouge a rollercoaster ride of a blog and always beautifully written.
Last but not least has to be Kim at Something to Say, my mentor from day one, more links than there are hours in the day and some truly beautiful photography she is always a inspiration.
(You can link to all these blogs on the right hand side, I am determined to find out how to link as I write, as soon as I can.)
P.S the spell check does not work so be patient.


Libertygirl said...

I still can't reeeeellly get my porridge filled head round the fact that people actually read me! It's ASTONISHING!!! I mean I know I'm hack in the real world, but I'm being commissioned to write stuff that editors KNOW will be readable. My mental meanderings here are something else! Bless you poppet - and THANK YOU! Please tel your daught that I read you ALL THE TIME!! LLG xx

Kim Carney said...

That is so very sweet and I like libertygirl, never quite remember that someone actually reads my blog ;) So it is so thoughtful to mention me when considering someone that "makes your day". So I am not the only one with a family that says "blog?" what are you doing? ;0

miss milki said...

LOl! Have to remind you that teenage girls will always think that their mothers are 'sad' no matter what they are doing...its just the circle of life! I read your blog every day and always enjoy it.

btw creating links in your post is quite easy. Just highlight the word/phrase and hit the little world-with-the-chain in the top bar...then enter the URL in the box that pops up.

La Belette Rouge said...

You are soooooo very, very, very kind! I am thrilled, honoured and delighted that you read and enjoy my blog. But, now for there to be an official honour of "Bloggers who make my day"---that is over the top.

I am excited to read the other blogs that made your list. They must be good if you like them.:-)

And, Indigo you make my day by adding art, beauty and thoughtfulness to my usually art-free days.

materfamilias said...

My three daughters are long grown, thank goodness, the youngest now being 25, and we all get along quite well, but I have to say that pre-teen through teen daughters can be absolutely toxic -- and I use the word deliberately -- to their mothers. It seems to be hard-wired or something, some kind of preparation to leave the nest, but I really hated it (I'm not convinced they liked it much either, truly.) It's important that we get feedback from the rest of the world that doesn't see us through that particular lens. I see you through this blog, don't know you otherwise at all, but you really do, regularly and often, make my day -- so thanks!

indigo16 said...

Thankyou everyone who has commented.
Miss Milki I am going to practise my I.T skills tomorrow.