Thursday, 14 February 2008

Have a Heart


Because Emin refuses to participate in the cycle of obligation, today is no different from the rest, but Daisy gave me a cuddle instead.
I have two memories to celebrate the day with.
The first Valentine I ever received was passed down the length of the entire school bus, I was 12. It came from a boy who I had a crush on in my class, he had given it to a friend to give to me on the bus. I don’t think he realised it would be sent with the shout of “ Oi! Meddy this is for you” before 20 pairs of hand manhandled it to me. Still I was on cloud nine for days.
The best Valentine remained anonymous for years. A long long time ago I was teaching in a large inner city school when there was a knock at the door of my classroom. A small child was clutching a very large electric typewriter “Sir said you can have this for your resources Miss” I asked which Sir? “I am not allowed to say Miss” and off he went. I put the typewriter down next to my desk and realised there was a piece of paper in the machine on which was typed I LOVE YOU Did I blush? In front of 30 students…I had an inkling of who sent it, but it was very out of character and he denied it until years later, when I accused him of being incapable of a romantic gesture at which point the smug git confessed.

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materfamilias said...

I love that painting! And I enjoyed your Valentine vignettes. Happy Valentine's Day!