Thursday, 28 February 2008

Fog Linen

What a beautiful shop Fog Linen is very much my kind of lifestyle aspiration.

This is me at work! (I wish)
Fog Linen Work Apron and Skirt
While performing the daily chores at home, you may as well scrub in comfort and style. Yumiko Sekine, founder of Fog Linen Work, treasures simplicity and embraces practicality with her iconic fashions for the home. All Fog Linen Work objects are produced in Lithuania where flax has been grown for generations.
from selvedge


Breitlife said...

I would love to have the pattern for this apron and would really like to see a front view ! T. Breit

Anonymous said...

have some linen, I would wear this anytime, even shorter with leggings and t shirt. would love to have pattern!