Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Pancake Day

Yeah, I cooked the girls a couple of pancakes last night.
So what am I giving up for lent?
This year it's that heady mix of flour & sugar this includes the obvious such as cakes, as well as croissants.
This gives my sweet tooth a sporting chance with chocolate, whilst eliminating that saturated fat mine field that I am drawn to like a moth to a flame.
The bad news is that I was going to be very close to Laduree in a couple of weeks, so with fingers and toes crossed I looked to see if there was any flour in a macaroon.....
rice paper
175g caster sugar
100g ground almonds
1 tsp plain flour!!!
2 tbsp vanilla sugar
2 egg whites
16 pieces flaked almonds
Do you think if I phone in advance they will omit the flour? I could cry.


materfamilias said...

Really? You can't make an exception for macarons? I really, really think you must. Paris just won't be the same, will it?

miss milki said...

I don't do Lent but my Mum said when they were little they could break it for St. Patricks day and I think maybe birthdays...I can't be sure but I think maybe trips to Paris and Lauderee could be included in that dispensation too?! You could always find out how long they keep...prob not til Easter though. :(

indigo16 said...

Luckily this is Laduree in London, but yes I may have to make it a celabratory day!!