Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Man Ray

Second exhibition of the day was Duchamp Man Ray Picabia This really was fantastic, so much to see it was almost too much for one visit, so I shall return later. The person who put this together deserves so much praise as the range and diversity of work was amazing and yet very cohesive.The photo above by Man Ray is one of my favourites of all time, there was a whole room of fantastic photograms which got me wishing to spend a day back in the dark room playing around like I used too. You can read a less gushing review here


materfamilias said...

I'm envious of you with all these wonderful exhibits nearby. But I'm also admiring -- I know that many people live with cultural riches close by yet never take advantage. Not only do you get to the shows but you share your enthusiasm -- thanks!

indigo16 said...

It is currently at the expense of producing any of my own work, so where there is pleasure there is some pain!