Monday, 4 February 2008

Ian Davenport
I am a sculptor who makes paintingsWaddington Galleries are pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Ian Davenport. These eleven paintings, all completed in 2007 and all of water-based paint on aluminum, continue Davenport’s exploration with the essence of paint – its fluidity and colour.
Total WOW factor, I thought the photos would give a better flavour than just copying and pasting from the gallery. I love stripes and the colour on these was fantastic.


La Belette Rouge said...

Nice work. It looks a little like the paintings of ---who is---its not Frank Stella, but he is of that group. Do you know who I am talking about? I think they called his work the zipper paintings.

indigo16 said...

Yes very early Frank Stella. I call them hard edge painting or flat painting, very very different to his later work. The photo also reminds me of Paul Smith, a designer who appears to have almost copyrighted the slim stripe.