Thursday, 7 February 2008

Katherina Mayer

Katherina Mayer is represented by Purdy Hicks Gallery
Photographic Work by Katharina MayerKatharina Mayer looks at people and the ways in which they are represented photographically. In so doing, she addresses the fact that our perception of photographic portraits is always shaped by our own mental images and projections about people. Thus, unlike conventional portraits, Mayer's carefully arranged images of women and children do not seek to reveal her subjects' individual identity. Instead, they frequently capture moments in which people are concealed, disguised or involved in mysterious role plays. Enigmatic and yet richly suggestive, these images conjure up a wide range of memories and associations, and inspire the viewers to find his or her personal interpretation. Read the rest here

I love the wonderful richly coloured backdrops of her portraits, I will have to add the book to my ever growing wish list. Luckily for me the gallery is a stones throw from the Tate Modern where I am taking my year 11's at the end of the month.


materfamilias said...

Although stylistically very different, the thinking behind these photos (as suggested in the blurb you've borrowed from the gallery) makes me think of Ralph Eugene Meatyard's family photograph album. Have you seen that?

indigo16 said...

I hadn't but it's now on my radar,thank you. I LOVE this comment I found about him..."The curious title of this photograph stems from Meatyard's passion for odd names"!...fantastic, I was told today that a colleague used to teach a girl who's surname was Bastard. On a school trip she asked a flight attendant for her vegetarian option meal, he asked for her name, she said "Bastard" I wish I had been there!!

materfamilias said...

Hilarious! I would imagine that got her in trouble more than once.