Monday, 25 February 2008


Take one stroppy 6 year old and mix with a highly strung 65 year old and my creativity packs it's bags. I am now back at work and already snowed under with paperwork, but tough it can wait for an hour or two. I have walked across much of London visiting some wonderful exhibitions, the first day was spent at Tate Britain first stop Modern Painters A lot of this was good but my favourite room was entitled Sex or S.E.X as Leyla kept calling it, she enjoyed spelling it out having realised this was a rude word. The best painting were by Sickert very dark and unsettling and you can quite believe he could have been 'Jack The Ripper' although why he would stop as suddenly as he started remains a mystery to me, I will have to read the book
After a fabulous lunch in a nearby Pub, Leyla then spent an hour using materials from the Art Trolley to make a collage. I managed to then coax her around the Peter Doig exhibition...

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