Thursday, 7 February 2008

Sean Hillen

Sean Hillen I have been a big fan of Sean Hillens work since seeing an exhibtion of his work at the wonderful RPS Octagon galleries in Bath. The gallery is now sadly closed which is a shame as some of the exhibitions were worth a special trip, I even took Daisy on a Pinhole camera workshop there.
His portfolio of work is A Level gold, it is very accessible especially because he features the original photographs. The main focus of his work, Northern Irish 'troubles' is very powerful and in a way gives me hope because during the 80s it seemed that the bombing would never end. I moved to London just as the worst of it began, I was very lucky, the only casualty in our family was Lucys paperwork for her IT course, which went up in smoke after the Canary Wharf bomb. Others were not so lucky. I have since been to Belfast, it is a very beautiful city, we did drive down Shankill road which was very atmospheric with some amazing murals. I was too much of a coward to take any photos. But now its hard to remember there was ever a problem, everyone has slowly moved on, which proves it can be done.

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