Friday, 29 February 2008

Domestic Godess

I won GOLD, oops I mean Leyla won gold for 'her' daffodils ,oh the shame of cheating, I had no idea it would go this far, what the hell was the criteria for marking? height? bloom? colour? Oh well, she was over the moon and did not grass me up bless her.
I keep a little note book for jotting down names of artists/photographers etc Kitty often writes me a list of research she would like me to undertake for her homework assignments, Leyla has seen this so she decided to copy her and so wrote me a list of bits and bobs she wants me to bring home.
It says...Black Bord Chork Paint brash When we were at the Tate she was itching to buy something and found a little blackboard, I realised I had one at work, that is what she is demanding , luckily for me I have found it.

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materfamilias said...

Well, some paint can be very brash, no?
That's a very cute story with the daffodils -- oh, the guilt!