Friday, 29 February 2008

Dries Van Noten V Kurt Jackson



I have had this work by Kurt Jackson lurking in my 'in tray' for ages, when I pasted the Dries Van Noten pictures in, I couldn't help but notice the similarities, The rich colours, the layering, the textures, all seem to be interlinked and playing off each other, yet their influences are probably completely different. Jackson spends much of his time working in Cornwall, his work is often on a very large scale with thickly built up layers of paint, often with text scribbled into it. The work is really beautiful and he seems very prolific his recent work can be found at an excellent gallery on Cork St called Messums the web site has a very comprehensive catalogue of his work to look at. I think Van Notens work is sublimely beautiful and a work of art in itself, if only my purse were a little fuller!
All photos here & here & here

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who sent you the picture of that Jackson?