Sunday, 17 February 2008

London Fashion Week

Vivienne Westwood Red Label I want those boots, the skirt and the cardigan.
This show was fabulous, so much to covet but so little cash flow. Ms Westwood should also be applauded for her rich and diverse selection of models, yesterdays Independent newspaper ran this article and its not just the catwalk that appears to have this problem I bought a copy of Another Magazine and its the same, the only black model was featured in a Vivienne Westwood advert. What is even more saddening, is many of the designers showing in London fashion week are from ethnic minority backgrounds so why do they shun such beautiful models?
Again from the independent this Images from London Fashion Week, which ended yesterday, feature few black and ethnic-minority models. On the web pages of the fashion site, three shows chosen at random featured black models in eight out of 136 photographs taken during the week. The March issue of Vogue – with more than 400 pages of editorial and advertising – has 14 shots with black or Asian women – two of them featuring Naomi Campbell.
As the article points out we have regressed, instead of embracing the beautiful diversity of women like the one below.

Duro Olowu How beautiful is this image?

Christopher Kane Creamy sublime sophistication.

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