Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Day 3

Day 3 of half term, and I miss 'the girls'and Leyla is firmly glued to my side in their absence. I take her to the park every day to wear her out, but today was freezing, the whole area was shrouded in a thick, icy cold blanket. We had intended to go kite flying in Greenwich but Leyla couldn't wait for the car to come back so insisted we go to the local park. I explained that fog meant there was not a breathe of wind, but no, you cannot reason with a 6 year old so off we toddled. After a series of optimistic sprints to prove me wrong, she gave up and hit the swings instead where as usual she hooked up with some kids and ran wild for half an hour. Walking back I got the usual plea for chocolate. No, was the answer, so she cunningly negotiated a doughnut from the bakery. As I had the dog I gave her £1 and sent her in, she popped out her head out to demand 10p more, I questioned how a doughnut could cost so much, she said she had changed it to a cup cake, then out she comes with a chocolate muffin, coated in chocolate, covered in chocolate chips....that child runs rings round me..

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