Thursday, 14 February 2008

Oh happy days are here again..

Finally my long awaited pentax body arrived, breathing fresh life into my wonderful Macro lense. So brace yourself for lots of wierdness like this! The only draw back is it weighs a ton, so it will be difficult to use for those random moments, the Lumix is safe for now.

A kind of homage to Paul Strand/nearest thing to me when I finally got the camera to work!


materfamilias said...

All your photographs are wonderful -- I'm so far down the learning curve it's silly. Thomas at The Sunday Best has been telling me I need to get myself a Macro lens, but since I only just finally got a digital SLR, it might be a wee while.

La Belette Rouge said...

I look forward to lots of your photographs. Maybe a tripod is in order to deal with the weight?

I am so impressed with you and Materfamilias camera skills. I am a Nikon one-shot camera kind of gal.

Happy Valentine's day, Allison!