Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Simply Breakfast

I love the Simply Breakfast blog. This photograph is of Leyla's favourite breakfast over half term, mozzarella on French bread with cherry tomato's. It's not until you do this yourself that you realise what discipline it takes not to a) not eat the food before you take the photograph ( or even place it on the plate) and b) prepare something different everyday. I am very predictable every morning I have muesli with banana during the week and at the weekends French stick with jam. So I take my hat off to anyone who can come up with such a huge variety of delicious breakfasts. Never look at this blog if your even slightly hungry!


materfamilias said...

so pretty, Alison. Now I'd better go have breakfast -- I'm suddenly hungry!

priya said...

this is a really nice photograph. i love the markings of the wood table set off against the gorgeous plate, and of course the food. yes, it takes a lot of discipline to photograph a breakfast and a variety at that every day.
simply breakfast was my inspiration too.