Monday, 11 February 2008

Not a happy Bunny

I finally spent the first night up in the loft. The room is really E’s office cum playroom that just happens to have a bed in it, but it has given us back the dining room table, and freed up space in the living room. It took all weekend to clear out our old bedroom and clean it ready for Daisy and Kitty to move in. Leyla will then move into their old bedroom as it is smaller and set up with all the toys whereas Daisy and Kitty will now create a grown up study room in which to nurture their academic talents (I wish) They only live with me in the week at the weekend they stay at their Nan’s house where they have a bedroom/playroom each, that houses all their toys and knick knacks. So I get to play bad cop to their father’s good cop.(I prefer it this way) So feeling quietly smug at what I had achieved I presented the room to the girls only to endure a rant about hand me downs by Daisy who demanded a NEW wardrobe and a NEW desk, so after a frank exchange of words I have organised a large desk to be delivered next weekend (second hand of course) Daisy’s cup has always been half empty, she has always believed that other families live an idyllic life full of happy meals around the table, with a wardrobe full of designer labels and beautifully decorated bedrooms. When I questioned her need for a wardrobe when I have yet to ever see her hang anything up, she explained that it was easier to see what to wear if they were strewn across the floor which does bring its own kind of logic to the argument. So she will have to lump the built in cupboard and beautiful Georgian antique chest of draws, and wait for some curtains. (They have blinds) The beds are new but apparently that doesn’t count! We of course made up, where upon she admitted that her misery came from the fact that she has been given a hand me down dress to wear as Chief Bridesmaid at her aunts wedding, whilst the four other princess twinkle toes get new ones, which as a gauche hypersensitive adolescent must be crucifying.


La Belette Rouge said...

I like Daisy's logic about having all of her stuff out. I had the same philosophy as an adolescent---and I still have the fantasy that other families were more idyllic than mine.
Hand me down desk is one thing--a hand me down bridesmaid dress is another. Poor, bunny! :-(

indigo16 said...

yes I agree, had I known sooner I would have bought her one myself.

materfamilias said...

I so, so, so remember dealing with teenaged girls -- the confusion of working through some battle or other, trying to hold ground but gradually realizing that some other forcefield of adolescent angst was intruding on the scene. The most challenging (and worthwhile) task I've ever survived, but then, so is theirs! You sound like a really supportive mother and I bet they tell you that daily (lol!!)

auntiegwen said...

Poor Daisy

Can you not have a quiet word with her aunt ?